Hotel Candlestone Check-In Expectations

At Hotel Candlestone, our eager and friendly staff makes the check-in process a breeze. A smile and warm greeting is given to every guest that enters the establishment along with courteous attention to customer needs.

The front desk is easily located, just a few steps from ourDemo main entrance and is accessible via a short stairway or electronic lift. The knowledgeable staff will then create a reservation or find your existing reservation to access room assignment and take a brief moment to gather information such as phone number, email address, credit card and driver license numbers before issuing keys to the room(s).

After guests have been given their keys, the front desk associate will make sure they know the hours and location of the continental breakfast room, location of the ice machine, pop machines and hours of operation for our on-site Water Tower Grille and answer any other questions they may have.

Hotel Candlestone, in conjunction with Candlestone Golf and Water Tower Grille, host many events such as Trivia Night, Interactive Murder Mystery Dinners, Beerfest, Candlestone Comedy Club Night and many more with all information available at the front desk. If guests have questions, we have answers. The front desk associate is able to set up and check-in tee times for visitor convenience.

All Candlestone staff are happy to assist any and all people that enter the resort with anything from moving luggage to making restaurant reservations to recommending local entertainment. Just ask and we’ll deliver.

Stop in and see us today!

By Dana Klock
Front Desk Hotel Manager

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